From 10 to 12 October 2014: XVII Columban's Day


The Bishop of Piacenza-Bobbio, with a pastoral letter, opened the Jubilee Year

of 1400 years of the death of St. Columba and invites us all to Rome in October to start

it together and find ourselves inBobbio next year at his tomb, for a solemn thanksgiving,

making the already known date (30 August 2015). I ask you to make every effort to make

it public in the parish and possibly in your diocese and announce

to everyone this year of grace, so that the faithful are made aware, with an invitation to

advocate the presence of many pilgrims to the two international events. The Jubilee Year

of St. Columban is also an opportunity for the flourishing of other times at the local

level to highlight this important date!


- The organization of the next Columban’s Day is continuing. And we are able to disclose

the final program with times and locations of the major moments planned and already

announced, with a few changes compared to the previous communications:

- The meeting of the Ecumenical Vespers (in the Basilica of San Clemente) and the

Concert (in the Basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva) were advanced to

Friday 10 October and will be held  in cathedrals where they are buried and venerated two

of the six patrons of  Europe, St. Cyril and St. Catherine of Siena. For the Colomban

Movement  are these two very significant milestones in the pilgrimage to Rome; 

- The solemn pontifical in St. John Lateran presided over by the Vicar of the Pope has

been brought forward to Saturday 11th October at 17.00; while at 16.30 is expected the

arrival of the relics of St. Columban of Bobbio.


For those who want it the next day (Sunday, October 12) Cardinal Brady,

Primate of All Ireland will preside at a Mass of Thanksgiving at 9.00

Irish National Church dedicated to St. Patrick, before the Angelus in St. Peter's Square

where the Pope will address his greeting. I invite you to take note of the new times and the Churches concerned to welcome us to keep in mind the various shifts during your stay in Rome. For organizational purposes, I invite all representatives of the various groups to communicate about the number of pilgrims and the names of the authorities taking part (pastors, mayors, bishops, etc etc)




March 8, 2014: Birth of the Columban Way



























 After the Memorandum of Understanding signed in Bangor on

16 Januarybetween the 3 municipalities of Bangor, Luxeuil and

Bobbio and theAssociations of the Friends of St. Columban the

Amis de St Colomban of  Luxeuiland the Friends of St Columban

for Europe of St Colombano al Lambro,on 8th March 2014 the

European Association of the Way of St. Columbanthrough 7

Countries of Europe (Ireland, Britain, France, Switzerland,

Germany,Austria, Italy) has been founded. A new European

Cultural Route is born and isalready working with its

administrative and operational structure based in Bobbio. One of

the first goals we have enlargement of the partners 

(parishes, municipalities, associations, organizations and

public and private organizations). By the year will be proposed to

the Council of Europe, the application for official recognition, to

be achieved within the Milan Expo (May 2015).




26th March 2014


Just a year ago the Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone granted a meeting with a representative of the Columban family to present the log of the signatures collected to be delivered to the Pope to submit the petition of St. Columban co-patron of Europe.
The hearing was set for February 28 at 12.15 p.m.  and a few hours later renounced the pontificate Pope Benedict XVI. After the election of Pope Francis resumed contacts with the Holy See and in October a letter to be signed by Steffenini (for the laity) and Bishop Ambrose Bishop of Piacenza-Bobbio (for bishops, cardinals, priests and other ecclesiastical authorities) was made to deliver the new Pope to resume the process where it left off.

The new Pope on 20th January 2015 expressed its appreciation for the work done for the benefit of an even greater communion between the communities named after Irish abbot as he sent the proposal to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, for the appropriate examination. The Holy Father has ordered that the petitioners forwarding of the request were to be admitted to a greeting at the end of the General Audience. Tuesday, March 25 last year has come to call the next day. Almost without even realizing what was happening to me I rushed to Rome, where on

the morning of Wednesday withdrew the bronze door special

ticket, the attendants at the ceremony made me sit on the right

side of the churchyard with respect to the chair of the Pope as

Bishop Ambrosio sat together with the other bishops from the

same side.


At the end of today's Bishop Ambrosio visited by Pope bringing

the gift of a little statue of St. Columban with the life of the

biographer Jonah. After being taken to the streets to bless the

sick, the Holy Father went to greet those who had been allowed

by the protocol to "kissing hand".


The Bishop Ambrosio kindly has accompanied the Pope when he

approached me. They were moments of indescribable emotion

and the meeting was warm, there was a long narrow hands; a few

bars on the commitment undertaken in recent years in Europe by

the parishes, which are intended just as the Holy Father wishes

they are: missionary and open. A look meek, complacent, and all

his encouragement to continue.


At the end with the Bishop Ambrosio and the Procurator of the Missionaries of St. Columban Fr Robert McCulloch we went to the

Congregation the Discipline of the Sacraments and Divine Worship, where we were received by the Secretary for the delivery of one of the three registers with the original signatures of the many

prelates (Cardinals, archbishops and bishops) who in recent

years have signed the petition. Great attention has been paid to

the work done and especially to an awareness campaign

conducted for nearly two decades and in the interview were

analyzed briefly the aspects of the figure of St. Columban still

present and as a reference for today’s Europeans.


We are committed to deliver short the other registers with the

signatures of the ecclesiastical authorities (in particular the

pastors of the parishes of St. Columbanus) and civil (eg. Mayors

of columban communities) and to continue throughout this year

in the collection of subscriptions updating the signatures of

priests and civil leaders who have come and gone in the

meantime to present an updated picture as much as possible

today. By the commission in charge of studying the proposed

commitment is to arrive at a solemn declaration, through a

specific formula that can enhance the work and example of

St. Columban, one of his peculiar trait that distinguishes it from other patrons. The hope is that the Holy See to rule in the jubilee year, which kicks off here in Rome with the celebration of the seventeenth Columban's Day to the presence of the Vicar of the Pope.


In all a call to intensify our prayers for the Church to indicate to the

modern European model of a new evangelization.



With sentiments of friendship in the name of Columbanus, my most cordial greetings



                                                    Dr. Mauro Steffenini

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