Here we have a memories in photo form.  If you have an old photo that takes us back Please contact Fr. John ( )to have it added to our family album.

Down Memory Lane

On Sunday, July 17, 2016 contact was made with Mrs. Jeanette Santa Cruz Frye who was a parishioner in St. Columban in 1945 when the church was still in South Fedora St. She is the oldest surviving member of the original St. Columban and is a living history; she is 82 years old. 
If anyone wishes to contact her, her address is
5255 Memphis St., Building 8,
Apr 818,
Denver, CO 80239; her phone is 720-374-1484.
She is a member of the Third Order of St Francis.

From Janette Frye now living in Denver.

Columban Father, Frank Hoza. Seated in front of Frank is Janette Frye

(or Janette Santa Cruz as she then was known). Her sister Mary Elizabeth is in front of the Christmas tree; Janette was baptized in St. Thomas Church in 1949 and her sister Mary Elizabeth in St. Columban.

Can anyone identify whose wedding this is and when it was taken?

Also who are the people in the photo?

If you know please email

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